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about us

Educators of nyc

We are simply a community of NYC public school educators. Reimagine our city schools with us.

Our priorities include: Equity & justice, democracy, accountability, responsiveness, unionism, and professionalism & pedagogy


equity & Justice

We believe in the inherent dignity of all people, especially of our students and families. We champion justice through equitable & fair access -- no matter race, gender, sex, class, sexual orientation, or one's zip code.


Democracy is a cornerstone to our way of life. We advocate for the democratization of our schools and institutions. Not just a voice but authentic participation and empowerment for all


We expect transparent, responsible, and accountable government and leadership from those we have entrusted. We expect the same from one another.


We have a sacred duty to be socially & culturally responsive to the issues and needs of the most vulnerable in our communities. We are responsible for our communities' health, wellness, quality of life & environment.


We must prioritize & protect the rights of workers, once again. Our teaching conditions are our student's learning conditions. We set the standards for education, living wages, conditions, and quality of life for workers, collectively.


Exemplary educators have integrity. Our moral, inquiry-based compass drives the way we think, act & educate. We are leaders who reimagine. We commit to best practices & effectively communicate this to others

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